Morgan Alexander Croney

Website Design / Development

Frank Sturges Reps
Custom CMS, Front-end HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Tasting Table
Front-end HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Red Antler
Custom CMS and front-end code.

Dry Goods
Front-end code and Wordpress blog.

Daily Tailgate
CTO. CMS, e-mail delivery, subscriber features including custom sports news.

Groundwave Design Corp.
Developer. PHP, JS, CSS/HTML on projects including Bernstein & Andriulli and Burkman Bros.

Product Manager.
Developer. Design, coding, initial implementation.

Digital Wave Technologies
Developer. At this web design firm I contributed to a range of websites. Key clients included: K'NEX Industries, and My primary roles were html coding, minor design considerations, and flash animation.

Developer. The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development is a nonprofit organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The general design for the site had been decided before I joined ICTSD, but the implementation, coding, and section organization were largely my creations.

Total Golfer Online
Founder. Golf website & newsletter founded in 1994. It was designed when the web was first developing and stayed on the cutting edge, evolving along with new technologies. The site was redesigned several times as I learned new technologies. The site was featured in golf magazines and websites. In addition to web design, I wrote articles and marketed the site.