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Morgan Croney
January 2005
MFA Thesis Show Artist Statement

A call for transparency

In light of events such as:

The World Trade Organization (WTO) establishes compliance panel to examine US implementation of softwood lumber case.

South China's Guangdong Province notches up a record foreign trade volume of US$38 billion in December 2004.

Broadband penetration increases to 70% among Gen Y.

Brazilian bishop's plea to the Vatican for greater transparency receives support of colleagues.

Germany donates 250,000 euros to WTO technical assistance.

UN chief Kofi Annan welcomes pledges by international donors for victims of Asia's tsunami and stresses transparency, accountability and efficient management of relief and reconstruction funds.

United States and Russia establish the Consultative Group for Strategic Security.

Internet blog readership jumps 58% in 2004.

The Financial Accounting Standards Board Issues New Equity-Based Compensation Accounting Standard.

Bush declares re-election ratifies his policies on Iraq.

"The existence of hidden riches gains a special urgency in these days of total institutional transparency, when a museum's inner workings are as interesting as its public face," writes Roberta Smith.

It is now the artist's calling to be accountable, open, honest. Transparent.